1. This platform is for sale of both products and services.

2. There is no pay on delivery, all payments must be made on the platform using the payment gateway provided or fund in customer’s wallet as the case may be.

3. A product will be confirmed delivered before we disburse the concerned merchant’s payment to their account.

4. Service will be confirmed rendered before we disburse the concerned merchant’s payment to their account.

5. Vouchers generated with an invoice number must be presented at the merchant’s place to redeem the coupon and  service deal purchased. Note that no merchant will attend to a customer without an evidence of purchase.

6. All customers and merchants details are safe with us and shall not, at any time, be released or disclosed to any third party.

7. Duplicated payment will be treated in two ways out of which you are to choose one option, namely:

a. reverse into your account;


b. credit your wallet for future purchase.

8. A customer is expected to return any product that does not suit the description or image displayed on the platform within three days of receipt, otherwise it is deemed that the customer has accepted the product.

9. A customer is expected to redeem their Service coupon within 30 days after which it will expire. The customer reserves the right to cancel the deal within the 30-day period. The money will be paid back into the customer's account or it can be used to credit the customer’s wallet for future purchase.

10. It is our duty to uphold the interests of both merchants and customers.

11. We maintain a trusted account for all funds received from our clients.

12. These terms apply to the current and future engagement of which we have the right to change this terms from time to time to serve you better.


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